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Where is Time?

The Electric Universe theorizes a ubiquitous primal force trillions of times more powerful than gravity — electricity — whose currents travel through space in spirals and form a network between all the planets and stars in the universe. It’s electric, it’s alive, and it’s buzzing like Yankee Stadium on opening day.


The War on Consciousness

It is exceedingly strange that we have empowered faceless
bureaucratic authorities to send armed agents to break into our homes, throw us
into prison and deprive us of our income and reputation simply because we wish
to explore our own consciousness. Yet without sovereignty over our own consciousness,
we cannot in any meaningful sense be sovereign over anything else either.

Klaxons “Surf the Void”

As the Klaxons touch down in Brooklyn to perform "Surf the Void," lead singer Jaime Reynolds speaks about the influences of Ayahuasca, Alfred Jarry, and Robert Anton Wilson on the making of this record.

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The Klaxons Surf the Void

The Klaxons come to Brooklyn to play cuts from their latest record, "Surfing the Void." Lead singer Jaime Reynolds talks with Propaganda Anonymous about his experiences with Ayahuasca, and it's influence on his lyrics for the new album.

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Confessions of a Recession

On Easter Sunday I had a vision that it was time to quit my job. The Universe would provide. Sure enough another job arrived, but a month later I walked out. Now for the first time in my financial life I am unemployed and uncertain about my future, yet I know in my heart the pain I feel is the diminishment of an old way of life.  Part 2 in the series Meditations from the Medicine. Read Part 1 here.

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All About Terra Madre

20 years after founding Slow Food, we're charting the future with Terra Madre. Terra Madre embodies a new approach to the production, processing, distribution, and consumption of food, drawing liberally on the history of the world's populations. It's conscious of the mess we have gotten ourselves into, but it's not afraid of the future.

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