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The Magickal Oil of Hashish

I believe that early Christians and ancient European shamans made use of cannabis. We are just beginning to relearn what these people knew;
cannabis oil is a magical substance capable of healing a variety of maladies.

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Psi in the News

iPads can help NDE research, $2.3 million in grants on post-mortem survival research, precognitive dreams, and more in this week's update. 


On the Edge of Life and Death: The Niños Santos Way

When I first encountered the mushrooms, I had
been taking antidepressants
for years. The mushrooms told me I was an addict and that the pills were toxic to
me. After
being hospitalized due to my reaction to Paxil at age 19, I decided the mushrooms were
right. Eventually, I met a Mazatec
grandmother who holds a Niños Santos lineage of curandisimo. 

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