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Psychedelia in the Movies

As someone who took LSD whilst training as a film student, I was often struck by the notion that the sheer magnitude and pan-dimensionality of the acid experience could never be even remotely contained within the circumscribed parameters of film – but at the same time I understood the irresistible urge to try nevertheless.


War God: Nights of the Witch (Chapter 2)

Tozi could send out the fog, she could read minds and sometimes she could command wild animals, but a real witch would have been able to make herself invisible… and she couldn't do that. Read the first of four selections from the new novel War God. 

The End of Money and the Future of Civilization

Even if governments did have the will and the power to wrest control of the issuance of credit from the banking cartel, the situation would not be a lot different. The historical record suggests that where governments have come out on top their monopolization of credit has led to militarization, wars, expansion and a weakening of democratic processes.

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