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What Is Nada Yoga?

The practice of nada yoga is quickly and easily learned. Its rewarding, uplifting benefits are experienced from the very beginning. With regular daily practice, in a relatively short time, we can experience deep levels of meditation.


The Missing Dharma of Modern Yoga

The unconscious bait and
switch of communing with reality becomes engraved into the synaptic patterns of a
soon to be disappointed, nostalgic sucker who thinks the reflection is actually in the mirror.
The yoga I'm interested in
teaching is to perceive the mirror-like nature of all

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Heart Yoga: My Story

As our practice deepens, we experience a vast expansion into
universal presence as well as the microscopic attention to the minutest
particles of the body. This fusion of universal consciousness with precise
cellular awareness is the door through which grace can enter. 


What Does Yoga Have to Do with Vegetarianism?

Yoga's popularity has grown tremendously in the midst of a global crisis, because it  promises to transform our ways of relating to animals, the Earth, and one another. The most important part of yoga practice may happen three times a day when you sit down to eat.


Art Shaman from Times Square

In September of 2014, through a mutual friend, I met Myztico Campo in his Brooklyn studio. I was very much taken with his paintings. We talked about doing an article for RS. I did some research about his life and work in various media and was struck by parallels in our respective life experiences. The interview turned out to be more of a conversation.

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