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What Is a Sacred America?

America is a roaring engine for evolution, which is evident in everything from our go-go startup culture to exhilarating breakthroughs in entertainment. It is that spirit of innovation, adventure, and possibility that needs to inform this exploration of what happens when “sacred” and “America” come together.

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Manifesting in Meat Space

The next time you get angry about the evils of the system, notice
how good it feels. That feeling wants destruction, conflict and brutality as goods unto
themselves. Understand that the best practice is the cultivation of your
own consciousness.


Occupy Wall Street: No Demand is Big Enough

Occupy Wall Street has been criticized for its lack of clear
demands, but how do we issue demands, when what we really want is nothing less
than the more beautiful world our hearts tell us is possible? 
We don't want to merely
fix the growth machine. We want to fundamentally change the course of civilization.


Overdose at the Airport

As the rate of cancer spikes among TSA officers who work near the full-body scanners at the Boston Logan Airport, union reps are alarmed at having been misinformed regarding the safety of these machines. 


“2012” and Electromagnetic Effects on Consciousness

Our research team found that brain waves could be altered and even controlled via electromagnetic waves, and that specific force field levels produce the same effects as psychoactive substances. That fluctuations in the
electromagnetic spectrum can radically change consciousness could explain what
will happen to humanity at the end of 2012.

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