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Mindapps and the Neurosingularity Project

Rather than just enhancing current human thinking skills, is the neurosingularity (the idea that future human brains will surpass ours of today) also likely to increase the kinds and number of our brain-based information systems? How might psychedelics contribute?

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Timothy Leary: Twentieth-Century Neuronaut

Leary was tanned to the point of sunburn and wore, as always, a thousand-watt smile and a pair of white, high-top tennis shoes. Between quick, nervous puffs on his Benson & Hedges, he discussed the new face of electronic stimulation and the novel as an archaic art form.


Confronting the Void We Avoid

Comedians can expose what is normally hidden. A recent example of this comes from Louis CK, who says “Underneath
everything in your life is that thing, that empty… forever empty.” Viktor Frankl called it the existential vacuum.

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The Sikh Temple Shootings and Daemonic Possession

Summer in the USA we've now witnessed our second public shooting spree.  A Sikh temple in Oak Creek Wisconsin became
the target for another attack.  In a broader, evolutionary context these
attacks aren't about darkness or evil as much as they are about daemonic


Catharsis, Cacophony, and Creativity

From 2010 to 2016, the planets Uranus and Pluto face off in a tense, dynamic square. In a sense, the first 5 years of the 2010s, each individual and all
aspects of culture and social structure are being pummeled, remolded,
and transfigured by the relentless Uranus-Pluto force.


Let’s Spread the Word: Wetiko

As we shed light on wetiko, and become sensitive to its movements within ourselves, there is no place for
the spirit to hide. The spirit of wetiko needs to be 'contained'; this is
the archetypal point behind the sacred alchemical idea of a mystical vessel
which transforms the entire universe. Part Three in a series.

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