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Romancing the Toad

I traveled to Mexico City last month to attend the World Bufo Alvarius Congress (WBAC), bufo alvarius. The gathering in Mexico City July 27-29, 2018, was the first of its kind to assemble in one room a few hundred people who had all experienced this sacred medicine.

The Lost Heritage of the Psychedelic West: Interview with Tom Hatsis

Psychedelic subculture was not the invention of the 1960s. Author Tom Hatsis brings light to the Telestai of Eleusis, the Mysteries of Isis, the Dionysian cult, and the magical rituals of Thessalian witches, finding evidence in the Jewish, Roman, and Gnostic traditions that despite centuries old official prohibitions, knowledge of the lost tribal heritage persisted in secretive ways.

Undumbing the Universe

Our self-knowing and awareness hold the key to the cosmic riddle at a point where subjectivity is also objective. We know the source because it never separated from us.

The Alchemy of Trolling: Interview with Tiffany Scandal and Tara Dublin

In this third of a series of interviews about creative people using social networking to reach an audience, Tamra Lucid talks to Tiffany Scandal, editor of the feminist essay collection “Nasty!” and Tara Dublin, contributing writer to “Nasty!”, about the vicious cyber backlash they received, and how they found empowerment in rising above it.

Defend the Sacred Manifesto

In August 2017, activists from around the world – indigenous elders and youth from North America, (including initiators from Standing Rock), Colombia, Israel, Palestine, Brazil, Kenya, the Philippines, Europe and 35 countries in total – gathered in Tamera Peace Research and Education Center in Portugal to collaborate and envision a global alliance to defend the sacred.

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