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Lost and Lonely in Cataclysmic Mystery

An excerpt from Tony Vigorito’s third novel, “Love and Other Pranks”: “Merlin was certain he’d met the female version of himself, and he was in love, baby, in love like a fool in fretless free fall off a blackfoot daisy–bedazzled cliff, and my is that breeze refreshing! Sure, he was now an accessory to grand larceny, but that was nothing compared to this infraction.”

Standing Rock: Water Is Life

What the current pipeline dispute in North Dakota is really all about is how we, as the human family, wish to live in the twenty-first century. Two very different philosophies and lifeways are at issue, one deeply connected to spirit and the sacred beauty of Mother Earth, the other utterly disconnected, regarding the material realm as nothing more than an economic resource.

From Burning Man to Standing Rock

An in-depth conversation with Bianca Heyming: herbalist, healer, co-founder of the eco-village and intentional community Emerald Village in California, Burner, and Standing Rock water protector.

Why Leary Matters Now

Leary’s self-critique illustrated the ways in which our identity is an egotistical game that we relentlessly play. Psychedelics offered release from the game: a way of disentangling ourselves from the social roles that seemed to envelope our being.

Yin and Yang of Chi

The symbol of yin and yang became the foundation of Chinese health philosophy. The ancients had realized a truth, that by keeping these forces in balance, chi would remain vibrant. Conversely, when the balance of yin and yang is upset, chi may stagnate or consume itself.

Music, Technology, and Responsibility

I am caught in a conundrum. I create music inspired by the wild unfettered spirits of the natural world, but the power I am using to create music in my home is literally destroying the beauty and the species that surround me.

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