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A Practical Approach to Meditation

My first meditation experience happened in New York City at a Zen Center in 1998. I had lost my mother about two years prior and I was still deeply sad and totally confused about what happens when we die. I wasn’t satisfied with the explanation that “we g…

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A Counseling Approach to Mediumship

Carlos S. Alvarado, PhD, Visiting Scholar, Rhine Research Center discusses a new research publication about mediumship titled “A Counseling Approach to Mediumship: Adaptive outcomes of Grief following an Exceptional Experience” featured in the Journal of Exceptional Experiences and Psychology


Smart Approaches to Misinformation on Marijuana

The misnamed Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) recently produced a “fact sheet” entitled, Everything You Need to Know About CBD, that seeks to justify the continued prohibition of cannabis by misinforming the public about cannabidiol and THC.


Paranthropology – Narrative Approaches to the Paranormal

The narrative structure of anomalous activity is often more important than
the scientific veracity of its evidence. In exploring the story of unexplained
events, the interplay of coincidence and phenomenon can develop far beyond what
any rational theory holds on to.


Proper Conditions for Magic: The Shen Tao Approach to Dance

In this age of decreasing physical activity and overworked
brain activity, how do we come home to ourselves in the most efficient and
effective manner?  How do we train intensively without self violence? 
In this interview, Bill Hedberg discusses the Shen Tao approach to
physical conditioning.