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Why Dismissing Philosophy Threatens the Integrity of Science

It has become sadly common for science popularizers to dismiss philosophy as an empty, altogether useless discipline consisting of circular abstractions. Even scientist Stephen Hawking went as far as to declare philosophy dead. I believe this public dismissal of philosophy, rather than reaffirm science, brings harm to its integrity.

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Earthquake Country: The Grateful Dead in the Land of Myth

The Grateful Dead’s attitude toward American musical traditions was not simply a veneration of roots but an appreciation of roots for the new uses that could be made of them. For them the old music was a place where the profane time of contemporary America opened out into story, allowing room for imagination. The old music suggested things to them that that psychedelics affirmed and amplified.


Five Ways Materialists Beg the Question

In this essay, I want to summarize some of the common ways in which materialists beg the question: that is, the ways in which they argue for the validity of materialism by assuming materialism in the argument. The circularity of their reasoning becomes clear once it’s pointed out, but it is astonishing how often educated, intelligent materialists fall for it.

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Wild Water

Until recently, human beings
drank exclusively of a water that could be described as "whole" or
"wild." The removal of dissolved minerals and trace
elements from water through filtration and distillation poses health concerns. Should you be drinking processed water?


Year of the Water Snake: A Time of Transition and Healing

Serpent symbolism is a near
ubiquitous motif that stretches across all geographical lines and
historical epochs. It is commonly associated with issues of spirituality
and healing. Here at the
threshold of the Year of the Snake, all healers can benefit from
becoming cognizant of the power
inherent in the energy of the serpent.

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