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Waxing “Sacred Economics” with Charles Eisenstein

In this interview, I talk with the RS contributor and Sacred Economics author about the
ritualistic origins of money, negative interest
banking, the spirit of the gift, the morphing future of Occupy, and the strange alchemical art of
making economics sacred.

Poetry Occupies the People’s Library

In the fall of 2011, a visionary sub-group of OWS protesters lived in Zuccotti Park, connecting to each other through the language of poetry. Since their forced removal by Bloomberg, librarian Stephen J. Boyer has committed his efforts towards compiling and publishing The Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology, a "spiritual biography of the movement."

Sacred Economics: Chapter 22, Community and the Unquantifiable (pt. 23)

Despite being able to pay for everything we need, we do not feel like all our needs have actually been met. We feel
empty, hungry. Perhaps the things we need the most are absent from the products of mass production, cannot
be quantified or commoditized, and are therefore inherently outside the money realm. 

Sacred Economics: Chapter 3, “Money and the Mind” (Pt. 4)

Money is woven into our minds, our perceptions, our identities. That is
why, when a crisis of money strikes, it seems that the fabric of
reality is unraveling, too—that the very world is falling apart. Yet
this is also cause for great optimism, because money is a social
construction that we have the power to change. What new kinds of
perceptions, and what new kinds of collective actions, would accompany a
new kind of money?  – The fourth installment from Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition.

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