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The Goddess and the Garden

As the LSD and DMT met, they dissolved my body into a hundred-thousand electric bees and with the Snap, Crackle and Pop I was thrust into a giant domed structure the size of a sports stadium.

Rick Doblin: Hippie of the Year

If Rick was going to run an organization dedicated to providing “rigorous scientific evaluation of the risks and benefits” of MDMA, he was going to have to learn how to do rigorous science. He set out to teach himself.

The Heart of Ayurveda

The ancient healing science disassembled me and pieced me back together into a new whole. There is no place on earth comparable to India for inducing a major shift in consciousness.

Kindling Spirit: Healing from Within, Chapter 1

As a physician, a Western-trained scientist, I believed everything could be explained. In Indian Country I got to meet some traditional healers. When I saw what the medicine man did, I thought that was magical, but they saw their practice as perfectly logical and explainable. Working with American Indians changed my life; they challenged my medical school assumptions about how people got sick and how they got well. Part 1 of the memoir Kindling Spirit: Healing from Within.

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