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Bots and Familiars: An Interview with Heather D. Freeman

Back in the day, people feared that grandmama might fall victim to a familiar masquerading as a cat or fly. Now, we fear that grandma will fall prey to fake news or a scam spread by a bot. Familiar Shapes, a documentary in production by Heather D. Freeman, explores surprising similarities between bots and familiars.


Making Art Conscious: A Discussion About Youniverse

The Youniverse exhibit at the cultural institution apexart centers around consciousness, creative and contemplative practices. It offers experiences to the public from about fifty practitioners for free until December 17. Organizer hannes bend talks to some of the project contributors in this dialogue.


Answering the Call: The Medicine of Destiny

Suppose for a moment that all your favorite stories are true. Not
literally true or true in every detail, but true in essence. What if the stories of our lives are not
so different from, say, that of Bilbo Baggins?
It may be profoundly un-postmodern of me, but I am suggesting that it's
time to reacquaint ourselves with the notion of destiny.


London’s Burning

I see on our streets is symptomatic of what's happening the world over;
an ever-increasing rage towards socio-economic injustice. It feels curiously inevitable. What is  lamentable is
that this is the only way these kids can articulate themselves.


Seeking the Illuminated Body

The journey
to enlightenment and unitary consciousness is a long one. Why is the road so uninviting
and fraught with obstacles where so few seem to have reached the other side,
much less have attained an illuminated body? Might we be holding out because the other
side does not quite live up to our idea of enlightenment?

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Souldish NYC: 12/04-10

This week's Souldish picks include DJ Spooky’s Sinfonia Antarctica at BAM, Spin Spin’s Phish at Stitch, Mitch Horowitz’s presentation of
Occult America and RefugeNYC's Black Spy/White Spy Party.


Christopher Williams

[RS Gallery] • Christopher Williams has been devoted to performing and crafting choreographic works in New York City and abroad since 1999. A curious alchemist who naturally dissolves boundaries between various art forms, he has developed a unique style that dovetails rather than eclipses experimental dance with visual art, theater, puppetry, and music.

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