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E-Books and the Night of Brahma

The unprecedented apocalyptic monstrosity of the internet makes it
obvious that our universe, and everybody in it, is hurtling into the
final few screams of the Great Dissolution, as promised in the Vishnu Purana. The Night of Brahma will follow, when we all have to shut the fuck up, and even stop publishing e-books.


Top 10 Books of the New Edge

A generation of avant-garde writers are making conscious magazine headlines and electrifying the festival-speakers' circuit. Featuring a brutally honest look at the shadow self, and society at large, these books are not fluffy New Age reads. They are harder to define, hosting a multidimensional mix of spiritual awakening, new media activism, punk attitude, Burning Man aesthetic, and Occupy ideologies. 

The RS Bookstore

Grab mind-melding, paradigm-bending new titles from our Evolver Editions imprint with North Atlantic Books and help support RS through our affiliate links with Powell's independent bookstore.


Save St Mark’s Bookshop

[Action Alert] • The St. Mark's Bookshop needs a rent low enough to survive. Join the Cooper Square Committee petitioning Cooper Union, the bookstore's landlord, to give St. Mark's Bookshop a lower rent.


The Ten Best P2P Books of 2010

This year, the crop of books on Peer-to-Peer related themes has been so overwhelming that I find it impossible to limit myself to the classic list of just ten books. I therefore have organized the list as a series of 10 clustered themes.

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