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the sustainability of ayahuasca

The Sustainability of Ayahuasca

As plant medicines have garnered new interest during this psychedelic renaissance, those wishing to experience the benefits have graduated from microdosing psilocybin or perhaps an experience with LSD or Kambo. Now, they are ready to take the gloves off and surrender to the teachings of maybe the greatest mother medicine of them all. Ayahuasca is …

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Honesty as a Soul-Making Activity

Honesty is not just refraining from deliberate lies, it's the positive
act of living in accordance with the deepest truth you can discover.  In order to become honest we need to seek
truth. We have a faculty of recognizing truth when we meet it
because we partake of the soul.


The Anger Meditation

We live in a greedy, competitive society with a strong belief in "self" and expectations of a perfect
life, and we have a lot of anger. Instead of venting anger, or rejecting it as "un-spiritual," or dumping it on someone else, you can
work on it internally. Here's how to do it.

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Souldish NYC: 4/9-30

April Souldish events include, the Horned Ball with Kostume Kult and Reality Sandwich,
Hofmann’s Dream a Seed Benefit party in Newark,’s long awaited Psychedelic Spore, The Crystal Method CoSM Benefit Party, Celebrate Earth Day, and Psybotik’s Lumenaughty.


“2012” Movie Quiche Tastes Old

From Roland Emmerich's "quiche" people — a mispronunciation of "K'iche'" that sounds like an item on a brunch menu — to Mel Gibson's blood-thirsty savages, Hollywood contributes to a centuries-old tradition of misrepresenting indigenous peoples and their myths.

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