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The Victors Write The ‘Scrips

The only time altered states are typically news that we’d notice or remember comes in the form of cautionary tales—morality plays about hubris, pride, excess or lust. Sex scandals and Cults. Overdoses. Ecstasy gone wrong.

Never Trust a “Winner”

A person, like Trump, who needs to call themselves a “winner” is a weak and brittle narcissist with a two-dimensional mind that desperately needs others to be losers so that they can prop up their inflated, hollow self-esteem.

There is No Counterculture (Apply Within)

Is there a point in talking about a counterculture anymore? What is a counterculture, anyway? In a world of disposable content, is a counterculture possible? Or does counterculture depend in fact on that very disposability, such as with graffiti culture?

Gambhira Lila

To understand the play of surface events in the world — whether social
and political upheavals, natural cataclysmic events and gradual shifts
such as climate change, or unpredictable and uncanny events in one's
personal life — it is necessary to understand the deep play of the
Supreme Intelligence that underlies and pervades reality.

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