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The Lost Heritage of the Psychedelic West: Interview with Tom Hatsis

Psychedelic subculture was not the invention of the 1960s. Author Tom Hatsis brings light to the Telestai of Eleusis, the Mysteries of Isis, the Dionysian cult, and the magical rituals of Thessalian witches, finding evidence in the Jewish, Roman, and Gnostic traditions that despite centuries old official prohibitions, knowledge of the lost tribal heritage persisted in secretive ways.

Emergence of Sekhmet: Twelve Interviews

Sekhmet has reawakened, her devotees say, now when the world most needs the truth and justice Sekhmet represents. We were interested in finding out what Sekhmet’s devotees are experiencing, so we interviewed twelve devotees from around the world.

What Would C.G. Jung Say about Donald Trump

I can’t help but to ask Jung’s opinion about the fact that someone as clearly pathological as Donald Trump has become president. As if anticipating my question, Jung says, “As soon as people get together in masses and submerge the individual, the shadow is mobilized, and as history shows, may even be personified and incarnated.”

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