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The Soulmate Con

I don't like the idea of soul-mates. It suggests the wish-fulfillment
of a pre-destined fixed-deck, which reduces you to a hapless rube at the
card table of love. If your heart is open, if your
curiosity is great, if your enthusiasm for life abounds, potential
soul-mates will keep skipping toward you out of the mist.

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De Zondvloed

After the Halloween hurricane stranded us in Brooklyn, sent our Lower East Side allies scrambling northwestward, and gave the better half of Manhattan neither power nor heat nor access to food and water, a few of us gathered to celebrate
the comeback of …


Faithkeeper: An Interview with Oren R. Lyons

"We are taught as leaders not
to take away hope from the people," says Lyons, a Faithkeeper of the Turtle Clan. "If you're going to bring hard news,
you better bring something else with it. Indians can't do much, there is just a handful of us. We do have some
ideas and some instruction. We still know how to pray. As long as we keep the ceremonies, we are going to hold on."


Money as a Zero-Sum Game

Money is about
the threat of poverty. Poverty gives money value. By
threat of poverty, one must work for money, even if that
work is destructive. And money is about power backed up
by arms and prisons. Poverty, power, and prison are money's soul, flesh, and