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The Qualities of the Heart

Living through the heart is where we are all going, sooner or later, someday, in some lifetime. The particulars of how we each arrive at our heart comprise the story of our unique healing journey. That is the story of our spiritual growth in this lifetime.

Horus Hathor

Ancient Future

The fragmenting of the human image of the divine into gods versus goddesses and consequently masculine versus feminine is a long-standing state of affairs. Within this opposition, the masculine came to dominate, associated increasingly with the sun, or the logical and rational, and the female with the moon, or the emotional and the irrational.

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Inner Worlds, Art and Sacred Plants

The worship of nature may unite us more than anything else and allow us to overcome doctrinal discrepancies that are relatively unimportant if considered from the perspective of human culture as a whole.

Phadroid a remarkable experiment in dance and visual projections

The Second Psychedelic Revolution, Part Six: A New Earth?

The most practical application of psychedelics is as a tool for examining differentiated states of consciousness, and ultimately for investigating the basis of consciousness itself. This was the promise of psychedelics that first created such tremendous interest within the scientific community before research was effectively banned in the early 1970’s.

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