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Change by Design: A Talk with João Amorim

"My work as a filmmaker tries to shine a spotlight on
good stuff happening around the world, pushing a positive agenda. But I
try to practice what I preach. I do agroforestry. We need to align our actions with our words, aiming for

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An Encounter with Ayahuasca Sorcery

In the literature on South American indigenous and mestizo curanderismo, particularly in relation to ayahuasca, I found that harmful attacks by malevolent practitioners using invisible “darts” are widely reported. Perhaps as many as 50 percent of illnesses are said to be caused by such sorcery.


Love Magic & Holy Death: A Conversation with Dr. R. Andrew Chesnut

With Her many devotees among society's dispossessed, Santa Muerte, Saint or Holy
Death, has
drawn the ire of orthodoxies both religious and legal. Dr. R. Andrew Chesnut's new book is one of the first academic studies in
English of this complex and controversial figure. He was kind enough to provide some insight into this fast
growing devotional tradition.

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