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Wisdom of the Maya: Perceptions of Time

The Maya respect for time depicts each person as a biological individual or member of a legacy and as an element of time cycles. A person is not only a singular or individual sequential occurrence in a historical time line but an eternal protagonist embedded and participating in recurring events in vast cycles of time as well.


Carl Jung: In Defense and Critique

I see Carl Jung as an important beginning to a conversation on symbol, self and the psyche that is still desperately needed. So long as we misunderstand the psyche, we misunderstand one another, and as long as we do that, atrocity is inevitable.

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Psi in the News

Ecology and non-locality, Deepak Chopra vs. TED's Chris Andersen, and how consciousness can transform grief and suffering in this week's update. 


The Cosmic Eternity System

We will never have a map for reality in the way we have Google
Earth. Reality as consciousness cannot be represented in reality as
matter. But that doesn't mean it is not real or "scientific." This is my
basic refrain.

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