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What Happened to the Psychedelic Revolution?

The Sunshine Makers, my new feature documentary about the 1960s psychedelic revolution, comes out in US theaters on 20th January 2017. That same day, Donald Trump is inaugurated as President of the United States of America…. So what the hell happened to the psychedelic revolution?


Kerouac’s Lost Movie

Ever since On the Road was published, sporadic attempts
to bring it to the screen have come to
nothing. Hollywood producers evidently saw the book's lack of a storyline with a limiting three-act
structure as a drawback. By the time Jack wrote On the Road in 1951, after five years of false starts, he was already in rebellion against conventional storytelling.

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Artificial Paradises

To an outsider, Brazil may seem like an easygoing and morally loose
society. We do have, in some ways, an easy-going, openhearted
nature. But in truth, we have a profoundly moralistic ethos inherited
from our Roman Catholic colonization. It makes dealing with
the chaotic amorality of the rave scene's bacchanalia difficult.


He’s a Real (Nowhere Boy)

Nowhere Boy is about the life of John Lennon from his early
teens until he left for Hamburg
with the Beatles. It's a small-scale ensemble drama with good actors on a really good
story. It's Oliver Twist, right? Not that the filmmakers aped Dickens. England does
that to a kid. Where do I belong? Nowhere. Can I have some more?

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