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Cavemen’s ‘rock’ music makes a comeback

“These were Man’s first MP3s,” said Gonthier. Dubbed “Paleomusique”, the piece was written by classical composer Philippe Fenelon to showcase the mineral clang and echo of instruments from beyond recorded time.

Music, Technology, and Responsibility

I am caught in a conundrum. I create music inspired by the wild unfettered spirits of the natural world, but the power I am using to create music in my home is literally destroying the beauty and the species that surround me.

All the Music You Will Ever Need

All the music you will ever need appeared in three boxed sets of LPs in 1952, produced by Harry Smith and published as The Anthology of American Folk Music by Folkways Records. This anthology was an important source for the folk music revival of the 1950s, and through that movement played a role in the larger cultural phenomenon that we call "the sixties."

That Music You Like—What Brand is That?

Is music "the religion of humanity," or is it just another commodity? And what happens when the situation is so indistinguishable from its shadow that separating the sincerity from the sale becomes impossible?

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