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Addiction, Climate Change, and the Psychology of Recovery

Any analysis of addiction in the wake of global climate change would benefit greatly from considering what we depend on in order to maintain our civilization. As we grow into a more holistic understanding of addiction and we awaken to the redundancy of the war on drugs, perhaps we can grow in our capacity to develop more sophisticated psychological frameworks for mending our ecological crisis as well.

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Climate Change: The Bigger Picture

Our failure to adequately limit carbon emissions comes not because the movement is too radical, but because it is not radical enough to challenge the key narratives of our civilization that the movement itself embodies.


2012, Climate Change and Permaculture

Shamans and scholars tell us that the close of this
great cycle of the Mayan calendar is not the cue for apocalypse but
rather a new beginning. Yet scientists are now predicting a 4 degree temperature
rise, which will indeed mean the end of civilization as we know it, if
not of human life on earth.  The time we live in is a crucial turning point.  What can we do?

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