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Entangled: Chapter Three

She found herself feeling sorry for the Uglies, and realizing again that they couldn’t possibly just be dumb mindless animals. They walk on two legs, just like we do. They have hands with five fingers, feet with five toes. They have ears like ours, eyes like ours. Just like ours. — From the novel, Entagled.

crop5croppedbig CleyHill

The 2010 Crop Circle Season

The 2010 crop circle season has been an exciting time (so far). It has included many new crop pictures of a mathe- matical or geometrical nature, along with several other pictures which show nuclear fusion from subatomic physics, plus a recent pair of pictures which purports to show a "message from above" that is intended for everyone on Earth, if we can figure out what it means.


Reinventing the Wheel: Riffing off of Walter Benjamin in Ladakh

Within the temples, tourists wander about chattering and taking photos. Few indeed are the visitors who make bows at the threshold or offerings at the altar. Without knowing basic Buddhist traditions, tourists behave like the cattle of Indian streets. This trend could easily be summed up in a single word: commodification.


Your Father is Dick

[Must Not Sleep] • "In a way, you could say that it's impossible to know who Dick is, or how many Dicks there really are. Maybe there are endless Dicks in the universe, morphing from one tyrannical father figure to another." Episode 15 of the novel Must Not Sleep, a transformative ride through shamanic space.


Fourth-Level Digital Dharma: The Broken Heart of Television

At the fourth level of the digital dharma path, values are held at the heart chakra. This center's work is to integrate the reality of life's
limitations with our dreams of a world of unconditional love. Out in the
Infosphere, these are the same polarities held for us by the medium of


Stop. Hey. What’s That Sound?

In the mind, sound is not so neatly sectioned off from space, touch, words, or image. One bleeds into the next, slipping and sliding in a spiral of associations. Digital media has already begun to reflect qualities of consciousness that had been beyond the means of artists to capture. In coming years, this will only accelerate.


Sixth-Level Digital Dharma: Seeing Deeper, Seeing Wider

Sixth-level thinking is by its nature holographic, holding all levels of the "meta-universe" in awareness and appreciation; it is free to see deeper, to tune across the whole range of consciousness. Now new media technologies can lead to this higher state of awareness.

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