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On the Subject of Psychic Self Defence

Psychic attack is a real as any other invisible illness. Chronic fatigue syndrome, paranoia, obsessive compulsive disorder are all diseases of vague origin. What matters is your ability to change the game with conviction and redefine yourself.

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Addressing the Women’s Wisdom Circle Pyramid

I didn’t know when I joined that it was a pyramid scheme. I thought it would help me
pull myself out of a significant amount of difficulty and help
me find my voice in the community.
I left as soon as I was capable of going. It wasn’t easy.


2012: The End of Time?

2012 offers the opportunity to relate to
time differently. What if we could live without holding a perception of
having failed in the past, and so stop that imagined "failure" from imposing upon
our present? What if the power we already have could be recognized and awakened?

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