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Iboga Healing and the Collective Unconscious

The emotional healing of plant medicines and psychedelics can also wilt under the sensory barrage of regular life that Shakespeare called “the wreckful siege of battering days.” Now meet Josie, who shows there is nothing inevitable about this.

An Industry Emerges: The Rise of Medical Marijuana

The market for medicinal cannabis was estimated to be $1.7 billion in 2011. Like health food and hip-hop, cannabis was going corporate. As a wave of newbies began to challenge the old guard, movement veterans recalled the days before Proposition 215. "A lot of people want to cash in but they don't have an appreciation of what it took to get here. They don't know the history."

9/11 and Collective Consciousness

My God, everyone thought at once, the world as we know it is
over.  Could it be that this collective thought then
manifested in the towers dissolving before everyone's eyes?  It would give new meaning to "9-11 was
an inside job."  Not inside
the government, but inside the mind.

Facing the Deindustrial Age

Since peak oil was predicted in 1956, the prospect of any constructive response has grown steadily more distant. Neither political reform nor withdrawing to mountain hideaways are viable responses to our predicament. Is it too late to negotiate the collapse of fossil-fueled civilization?

Hollywood: The Next Record Industry

To watch the AMPTP (movie and TV producers) disinformation campaign against the Writers Guild of America (screenwriters) is to watch a replay of the record industry's profit-motivated suicide of the 1990's.

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