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The Sun: The Night Sky Part 2

A Christic energy, formed by love in the way that matter was formed by heat, permeates and percolates through the multiverse, manifesting in individual systems but actually everywhere: in galaxies, rocks, birds, puddles; in Alexander the Great, Aristotle, Jay-Z, and Kim Jong Un.

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Tuning the Human Biofield

In 1996 someone gave me a book on the use of color and sound in healing. This was shortly after I had come across quantum physics and the notion that everything is vibration. It appeared to me at once that if everything is vibration, then treating vibration with vibration is logical and elegant. I began experimenting with a few of my massage therapy clients.

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Psi in the News

Induced afterlife communications, out-of-body experiments, the evolutionary fear of Psi, classics of psychical research, and more in this weeke's update. 

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Psi in the News

Spiritualist mediumship in Brooklyn, the vivid memories of NDEs, and the therapeutic value of afterlife encounters.

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Psi in the News

Ethnography of the afterlife, skeptics issue UK psychics a scientific challenge, presentiment, premonitions and a heaping helping of NDE, in this edition of Psi-in-the-News.

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Emit Time

consciousness has changed throughout our long history. Our selves
change, our structures of perception,
our personalities, our relationships, all uproot and become undone. As goes our structure of consciousness, so goes the world.

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Souldish NYC Events 8/29 – 9/9

In this issue of Souldish on the Radar, NYC Events, find out how you
can get
Stranded with Winkel and Balktick at their Galapagos Islands Warehouse
Adventure, witness the return of cool, learn about lighting in video
and photography or how Body Heat is smashing open femme stereotypes,
watch No Impact Man, Chakrasize your body, or celebrate the full moon
with Alex Grey and the CoSM crew upstate, plus more.  Have fun!  Please
send event listings to [email protected]

'til next week,

)))))Souldish Featured Events(((((
1. Rebirth 8/29 Cancelled
2. Stranded 9/5
3.  Evolve Yoga and Music Festival 9/4 – 9/8
4.  Other events
5.  Workshops
6.  Future Mischief
7.  ID Project call for participants
8. Special Announcement about the Meetup at the Horizon's conference
from the Psychedelic and Entheogenic Society of New York City
9. Links

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