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The ideological fixation on the physical brain will eventually yield to a transpersonal, nonlocal dimension of consciousness. When this happens within neuroscience, the Source will be recognized and we will wonder how we could have been so blind.
The ego has dethroned the soul, and enlightenment is only possible when the slimy usurper has been outed and slain, and the soul can re-animate the body again. A spiritual teacher is not a philosopher, prophet, healer, or sage. He is a hitman, an assassin.
From 2010 to 2016, the planets Uranus and Pluto face off in a tense, dynamic square. In a sense, the first 5 years of the 2010s, each individual and all aspects of culture and social structure are being pummeled, remolded, and transfigured by the relentless Uranus-Pluto force.
We are learning to become cocreators of the Shift through a variety of processes and practices, but we still face the larger question: Will humanity be able to act in time to tip the scales in favor of a positive future at the global level, given the rapid escalation of problems that threaten our survival?
Aurobindo Ghose (also known as Sri Aurobindo) was a Bengali mystic, poet, political activist, and social theorist. What would society look like if Aurobindo's views, methods, and practices were applied on a wide scale, and formed the basis of spiritual ethics of social action?
Our reasoning abilities are not enough to create a more habitable, peaceful, and sustainable world. To experience enlightenment and learn to interact with the cosmic web, we must begin by healing that part of our bodies that allows us to dream a new world into being: our prefrontal cortex.
I wasn't thinking about mandalas when the trip began. But it's only through the interplay of the outer and inner mandala – microcosm and macrocosm interconnected – expressed as self and family, community and world, that I can make any sense of ...

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