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The Magickal Oil of Hashish

I believe that early Christians and ancient European shamans made use of cannabis. We are just beginning to relearn what these people knew;
cannabis oil is a magical substance capable of healing a variety of maladies.


The Yin of Civilization: An Interview with Brian Griffith

I thought women's
religions were a thing of the past, blown away a long time ago by whatever means necessary. So I wondered, how would
women make religion if left to their own devices? And I realized the answer was
staring us all in the face. The great women's religions of India or China were standing there, popular as ever, in the modern world.


Streams of Deceit: Another Look at the NWO

If a leader declares war as the only
recourse, they cannot lead, for they do not hold life sacred within
their hearts. If a leader promotes the rapacious profiteering of a
very few at the expense of the many, they cannot lead, for they have
been corrupted by the rot of power-lust and aggrandizement.

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