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The Creative Process in 10 Acts

This week’s episode highlight (ep. 6 of 8) from our new series “The Future Starts Here” is all about the creative process. It’s a subject that I’m super interested in and have tried to understand more deeply since a big failure in my twenties…

Homage to the Creative Spirit

When humans are deprived of their power of expression, they express themselves in the drive for power. The divine creativity that fills the universe is now emerging within
the human psyche to creatively express itself into our world.

Get Creative: The Liminal State

Along with being a
vocation that is incredibly harsh the moment you get past the point where it is "cool" to say you're an artist,
being an artist can actually be incredibly dangerous. But there is no danger that can or should put you off
your goal.

The Creative Economy

There is no shortage of people who want to
do creative work and no shortage of creativity. What is scarce is the money to
pay them. If the creative class were a marginal, fringe sector of our economy,
this apparent lack of collective value might make some sense on a superficial
level, but in fact research shows that the creative class is central to
economic success.

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