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Evolving Toward Local Credits

The tidal wave of globalization smashes all but the biggest boats. Local communities can regain control over their own welfare by encouraging human solidarity and private, voluntary initiative and creativity. The first step is to organize regional mutual credit clearing associations.

Entangled: Chapter Two

Fumbling for her ID, Leoni spilled the contents of her purse all over the passenger seat and burst into tears to create a distraction when she saw, under the unforgiving glare of the street lights, not only her driving license, credit cards, money, tampons, condoms and lipstick but also a dozen bulging wraps of cocaine. — From the novel, Entangled

The Sun: The Night Sky Part 2

A Christic energy, formed by love in the way that matter was formed by heat, permeates and percolates through the multiverse, manifesting in individual systems but actually everywhere: in galaxies, rocks, birds, puddles; in Alexander the Great, Aristotle, Jay-Z, and Kim Jong Un.

Green Energy Vortex

Money is magic, a highly symbolic artifact woven together by the massive
intentions of the collective human psyche. It is a signifier of stored
energy, as much as a battery or a gas tank, an
ability to do work, to do magic, to make things happen.

Evolution: A Story from the Stars

From an
astrological point of view the entire 2012 movement can be seen as a warning
from the creative unconsciousness of the human soul. The lesson or the goal of
this astrologically based cultural movement (Mayan or otherwise) has always
been the same: let's produce less fate and create more free will.

Raid on Rawesome

The California government committed what many feel amounts to an alarming act of state-sponsored terrorism against the health food store Rawesome Foods in Venice.

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