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Freedom from Within

Our dominant worldview still prefers to believe in the fantasy that we are a living species within a non-living universe, and that we can go about as ‘business as usual’ with a worldly indifference.

Zen and Quantum Physics

In Zen, there are two domains of reality—the domain of empti­ness and the domain of form. The wave-particle theory of quan­tum physics recognizes two similar domains—the domain of potentiality and the domain of actuality.

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Evolving the Vision

This is the crucial moment for our species, and we have to give it
everything we've got. Ayahuasca is moving out in the world and making new
covenants. Maybe it wants to make contact with these strange new minds and to
co-evolve with us. I'm afraid it's going
to get it, whether it wants it or not.


A Fish Out of Water: Occupy and the New Media Environment

Occupiers' alternative media infrastructure shook the mainstream
media trance. We are realizing that the urge to rebel is
everywhere. But the new anonymous power of the multitude to "culture jam" and create
discourse around power and control can also be used irresponsibly, even
dangerously. From Occupy Consciousness, a new free anthology. 

Yage Guide

Viva Venosa!

Visionary artist Robert Venosa lived in pursuit of beauty and truth,
weaving together personal experiences with spirituality, philosophy, and
plant shamanism to create vibrant, living works of art.
spent many years studying spiritual wisdom and was well prepared for
the inevitable ascent into the astral realms. He transitioned on August 9th,

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