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The Current Global Crisis and the Future of Humanity

Modern science could solve most of the urgent problems in today's world. Yet the problems that stand in the way are not economical or technological; their deepest sources lie inside the human personality. After more 50 years of intensive study of holotropic states of consciousness, I have come to the conclusion that the theoretical concepts and practical approaches developed by transpersonal psychology could help alleviate the current global crisis. These observations suggest a radical psychospiritual transformation of humanity is not only possible, but is already underway.


Does Prophecy Work?

What exactly is prophecy? Can we trust it? The esoteric tradition teaches that the future is, at least in principle, knowable. One theory holds that there exists a realm of
images and forms, which has many names in many traditions. The
Kabbalists call it the world of Yetzirah, or "formation."


Recent Shifts in Social Change: From the IONS Shift Report

From the Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers to Burners Without Borders, new strains of "sacred activism" that blend inner spiritual work and outer social engagement are emerging in the global consciousness to challenge traditional paradigms and reinvigorate movements for social change. Are we are entering the age of Re-Enlightenment?

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Biofuels and the Rise of Nationalistic Environmentalism

Democracy as we know it will soon fall at the feet of a
nationalistic environmentalism, a movement that may include the destruction of
the global poor among its methods of achieving "sustainability." If
the current rate of biofuels expansion continues, ethanol plants will be
using almost all of the U.S. corn crop within 5-7 years.

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