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Art Shaman from Times Square

In September of 2014, through a mutual friend, I met Myztico Campo in his Brooklyn studio. I was very much taken with his paintings. We talked about doing an article for RS. I did some research about his life and work in various media and was struck by parallels in our respective life experiences. The interview turned out to be more of a conversation.

burning man

Has Burning Man Reached Its Limits?

The selling of $1000 Burning Man tickets on eBay has
shaken up the ethos of participation and radical inclusion. Despite the rhetoric and philosophy, it is
no secret that some burners are more equal than others. What's new is that the
most fundamental criterion of participation — entry — is now subject to market pressures.

life inc cover

I Am God

The history of religion in the US from Puritanism to the present mirrors the evolution of capitalism. What we think of as "spirituality" today is not a departure from the narcissistic culture of consumption, but its truest expression.


All Hallows Eve

Halloween has roots in the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhuinn, a time of no-time, when order and structure were abolished, when chaos could reign.


Souldish NYC Events: February 7-12

This week discover Psytrance, CoSM New Moon, Goddess Circle, Hip-Gnosis, Drum Circle, Dances of Vice, Dance of Liberation, Free Media, Nour’s Dream and One.

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