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Darwin’s Evolving Legacy

We are justifiably right to bark at the current orthodox view of evolution. However, the proponents of intelligent design are barking up the wrong tree. The problem lies not with evolutionary theory per se, but rather the way in which evolution is perceived.

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The Heart of Ayurveda

The ancient healing science disassembled me and pieced me back together into a new whole. There is no place on earth comparable to India for inducing a major shift in consciousness.


The Magical Universe of William S. Burroughs

He begins to talk of Black Magic and Curses in Morocco, travelling with
Medicine Men up the Amazon, and Astral Projection and Dream Control. I
realise that for Burroughs all this is utterly real, the “Magical
Universe” in fact.


The State of the Occult: 2013

Reality Sandwich asked two of our leading occult scholars, Richard
Smoley and Mitch Horowitz, to share their observations about the current
state of mysticism in America, and where they see the field heading in
the future.


Learned Psi: Training To Be Psychic

Is it possible to take normal, healthy, emotionally stable people who do
not think they’re psychic, and haven't really had any prior experiences
to their knowledge, and train them to become psychics?


Toward a Spiritual Economics

Many people think that capitalism and market economics grew
out of materialist philosophy that classical physics has given us. But this is
myopic thinking of people who have missed the evolution of consciousness in the
affairs of the manifest world.

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Souldish NYC 1/15-1/18

This week on Souldish, there is the Vision Quest Shamanic Art Exhibition, The Shamanic Way, One Love Drum Circle, and The Art of Dirty Talk.


Extraterrestrial Outing

Although thousands of pages on E.T. visitations have been released by other countries, the U.S. continues to hold out. The Paradigm Research Group hopes to change that.

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