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Ayahuasca Helps with Grief

Ayahuasca Helps with Grief

A new study published in psychopharmacology found that ayahuasca helped those suffering from the loss of a loved one up to a year after treatment.

Psychedelic News Round-Up: 2019

Reality Sandwich highlights the most significant events in psychedelic news this year as they are on the verge of breaking into mainstream medicine.

The Lost Heritage of the Psychedelic West: Interview with Tom Hatsis

Psychedelic subculture was not the invention of the 1960s. Author Tom Hatsis brings light to the Telestai of Eleusis, the Mysteries of Isis, the Dionysian cult, and the magical rituals of Thessalian witches, finding evidence in the Jewish, Roman, and Gnostic traditions that despite centuries old official prohibitions, knowledge of the lost tribal heritage persisted in secretive ways.

Gary Lachman on Dark Star Rising, Trump, and the Occult

We interviewed Gary Lachman to discuss his new book, Dark Star Rising, and explored what Pepe the frog has to do with “hypersigils” and how magic was co-opted for nefarious purposes in the recent US election. Most importantly, Lachman suggests ways to move forward through this new occult battleground.

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