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Digital Dead Sea

The famed Dead Sea Scrolls, described by some as the most important archeological discovery of the 20th century, are now available online for digital viewing.

Gift Economics and Reunion in the Digital Age

We are transitioning into a time that realizes the
truth of the connected self, in which not only my well-being, but my very
existence, my very being-ness, depends on the well-being and indeed the
existence of all other beings on the planet. I am describing the
economic dimension of the truth of interbeingness. To move fully to a gift model of economy would bring the form
of this website into alignment with its content.

Fourth-Level Digital Dharma: The Broken Heart of Television

At the fourth level of the digital dharma path, values are held at the heart chakra. This center's work is to integrate the reality of life's
limitations with our dreams of a world of unconditional love. Out in the
Infosphere, these are the same polarities held for us by the medium of

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