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The Alchemy of Trolling: Interview with Tiffany Scandal and Tara Dublin

In this third of a series of interviews about creative people using social networking to reach an audience, Tamra Lucid talks to Tiffany Scandal, editor of the feminist essay collection “Nasty!” and Tara Dublin, contributing writer to “Nasty!”, about the vicious cyber backlash they received, and how they found empowerment in rising above it.

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Institutes for Technologies of Reunion

The technologies of separation that dominate the world today draw from the story of separation. Technologies of reunion contribute to the reunion of human and nature, mind and body, thought and emotion, matter and spirit, modern and ancient, masculine and feminine.

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Facing the Fear of Death

Engaging with worldviews beyond our own is one way of confronting death in order to transform our fear of it. Other people have faced their fear of death and shifted it to life-affirming values through their direct personal experience, their spiritual beliefs and practices, and their philosophy of life.

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