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Take Control of Money: Print Your Own

Control of money decides where jobs are available and for how long.
Control of money decides who owns land and what gets built. Control of
money decides what is legal and what's a crime. Control of money decides
who lives well and who struggles. And ultimately, control of money
decides who lives longer and who dies sooner.


Sacred Economics: Chapter 18, Relearning Gift Culture (Pt. 19)

The transition to sacred economy is part
of a larger shift in our ways of thinking, relating, and being. Economic logic
alone is not enough to sustain it. As we heal the
spirit-matter rupture, we discover that economics and spirituality are
inseparable. On the personal level, economics is about how to give our gifts
and meet our needs.


Yoga and Money

We are on the brink of an
apocalypse that some have prophesied will result in a radical shift in how we
relate to time. The yogic practice of greedlessness can shift our relation to time; when we let go of the
habit of accumulating money and material things, we might have a chance to drop
into the present, where our true multidimensional self
exists, and where our
destiny will be revealed.


Sacred Economics: Chapter 3, “Money and the Mind” (Pt. 4)

Money is woven into our minds, our perceptions, our identities. That is
why, when a crisis of money strikes, it seems that the fabric of
reality is unraveling, too—that the very world is falling apart. Yet
this is also cause for great optimism, because money is a social
construction that we have the power to change. What new kinds of
perceptions, and what new kinds of collective actions, would accompany a
new kind of money?  – The fourth installment from Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition.


Homepage for Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition

Welcome to the home page for the on-line version of Sacred Economics. This is
a book that explores, on a social, political, and personal level, the
transition in money and economy that is upon us today. With the agreement of
the publisher, EVOLVER EDITIONS/North Atlantic Books, I am making the full text
available on line one chapter at a time over a period of about six months. By
the end of 2011, the complete book will be on this website. The print version will be available July 12, 2011.


Money as a Zero-Sum Game

Money is about
the threat of poverty. Poverty gives money value. By
threat of poverty, one must work for money, even if that
work is destructive. And money is about power backed up
by arms and prisons. Poverty, power, and prison are money's soul, flesh, and


The Twilight of Money

Economic abstractions keep
functioning only so long as actual goods and services exist to be bought and
sold. The
movement toward abstraction goes so far that the concrete realities are
neglected. In the end the realities trickle away unnoticed, until a shock of
some kind strikes the tower of abstractions built atop the void the realities
once filled, and the whole structure tumbles to the ground.

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