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Scientific Support for Energy Medicine

There is growing scientific evidence
for seeing the human body as a series of vibrating electromagnetic fields that
can be positively influenced without the invasion of foreign substances such as
chemicals or drugs. New
developments in biology demonstrate the effects of thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors
on cellular messaging and expression of genetic material.


Sacred Economics: Chapter 18, Relearning Gift Culture (Pt. 19)

The transition to sacred economy is part
of a larger shift in our ways of thinking, relating, and being. Economic logic
alone is not enough to sustain it. As we heal the
spirit-matter rupture, we discover that economics and spirituality are
inseparable. On the personal level, economics is about how to give our gifts
and meet our needs.


Energy Medicine School

Join me (an RS Co-Founder) on a journey of inner healing that will empower you as a
trained hands-on-healing professional with Reiki Master certification. 
Taking place during five weekends throughout the year, this unique
program combines a rare integration of Reiki healing techniques and
Bioenergetic Therapy.

Art in a Pandemic

Art in a Pandemic

Delic has partnered with celebrated artist Peter Schuyff to create wildly expressive pullover masks. Read our interview with Peter Schuyff.

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