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An Encounter with Ayahuasca Sorcery

In the literature on South American indigenous and mestizo curanderismo, particularly in relation to ayahuasca, I found that harmful attacks by malevolent practitioners using invisible “darts” are widely reported. Perhaps as many as 50 percent of illnesses are said to be caused by such sorcery.

Emergence of Sekhmet: Twelve Interviews

Sekhmet has reawakened, her devotees say, now when the world most needs the truth and justice Sekhmet represents. We were interested in finding out what Sekhmet’s devotees are experiencing, so we interviewed twelve devotees from around the world.

Pretense of a Civilization

An excerpt from Tony Vigorito’s third novel, “Love and Other Pranks”: “So this stupid pretense of a civilization we’re supposed to identify with,” Lila went on, “is really just the darkest spell of all.”

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