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All About Venus 12.4.2014

Since the Moon is in Venus’ sign today, and since Venus is prominent in today’s sky, trining Jupiter in fire, let’s look at Venus a little more in depth.

The Benefits of Living Food

Let’s start by addressing an incorrect assumption about food. It’s an assumption that was never really questioned until the twentieth century — that cooked food is a normal and natural part of a balanced diet.

Something Ominous in the Air

There is mounting evidence that electro-magnetic frequencies can cause fatigue,
depression and impotence. Yet education and regulations concerning EMFs have been discouraged in the US by big business and the media.

Being Embodied

To understand embodiment, it is helpful to look at its opposite; being unembodied. It is easy to fall into an un-embodied state; it’s easy to lose oneself and to not be aware that oneself has become un-embodied, and not notice until the signs are screaming at you in every direction – especially in this culture. In fact, our culture supports and encourages its citizens to be un-embodied. Thus, becoming Embodied is a revolutionary act of freedom, in this culture of enslavement to socially dysfunctional norms.

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