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New Boiler Grants: What Are They and How Might They Benefit You?

Energy efficiency is a hot topic worldwide; particularly so for the UK government who have a target to reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050. Energy efficiency is also a pressing concern for the British public, many of which are under increasing financial pressure, and are struggling to pay household bills. Intensifying the situation is the fact …

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Manifesting in Meat Space

The next time you get angry about the evils of the system, notice
how good it feels. That feeling wants destruction, conflict and brutality as goods unto
themselves. Understand that the best practice is the cultivation of your
own consciousness.

The Magical Universe of William S. Burroughs

He begins to talk of Black Magic and Curses in Morocco, travelling with
Medicine Men up the Amazon, and Astral Projection and Dream Control. I
realise that for Burroughs all this is utterly real, the “Magical
Universe” in fact.

The State of the Occult: 2013

Reality Sandwich asked two of our leading occult scholars, Richard
Smoley and Mitch Horowitz, to share their observations about the current
state of mysticism in America, and where they see the field heading in
the future.

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