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Living in Dangerous Times

I consider television, and most recently the development of social media, to be the most powerful mind-control ‘drugs’ that have yet been developed, with their effectiveness at influencing and controlling docile (and often legally sedated) populations unparalleled in human history.

Psychedelia in the Movies Pt2

Psychedelia in the Movies, Part 2

Once the late ’60s boom in acid culture and acid cinema had dissipated, the psychedelic movie became another component of the fringe and the experimental, something to recur and be revived at intervals, a pattern that continues into the present.

Dreaming the Psychogenic Fugue

The fact that people can fall asleep to become a unicorn flying through the air, and then awaken to drive to work like nothing ever happened, is an accomplishment of composure that deserves recognition.

Wet Dreams: Semen out of Place (SOOP)

Celibacy, seminal retention, castration and Spermatorrhea all come from male-centered cultures and religions. Saving seed/oil/money from spilling and anxiety around wet dreams were also entangled in the cross-cultural need to distinguish dry men from wet women

View into Skyland

Sky is a paradox and problem explored by phenomenologists and landscape artists. It blurs the line between self and other, and the specific way we perceive it is partially determined by our history, environment, and embodiment.


2013: The Year of the Witch

This is the year when we will channel
the spirit of the witch, honor the earth and our bodies, shift toward natural healing
and whole foods, share our resources, collaborate and communicate more openly, and elevate women and girls to equality all over the world: these
are all grand workings of feminine magic that we are manifesting


Awaken the Visionary Shaman

Now is the time for us to become visionary shamans, to
become more thoughtful and heart-centered in our treatment of the earth and her
resources. We must make conscious evolutionary changes. We can do it because we
have imaginal cells that are ready and waiting to transform our being, to create a
paradigm shift of seeing and being in the world.

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