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The Battle to Save Mt. Shasta

In California, fire and water are the big worries. How can we ensure having enough fresh water? How can we avoid out of control wildfires? In this dialogue, Dr. Arielle Halpern and Andy Fusso of the Mt. Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center discuss serious threats facing the Mt. Shasta area, how indigenous cultures can teach us about solving problems, their lives before they became Water Protectors, and more.


In the Beginning was the Number

Without telescopes, satellites, or any modern instruments of science,  Mayan people managed to train their minds
to know intimately the movement of time and space, and the effects that cause
everything concerning the beings and elements of the Earth. 


Confessions of a Counterculture

What if Mayan calendars and galactic cycles, aliens and dimethyltryptamine, and the presumptive science of
rapture don't herald mass enlightennment? What if that beautiful giant cloud over Burning Man is really just a cloud? Have we hyped ourselves for a letdown?


Celebrating Our Cosmic Journey

Every once in a while it is helpful to experience a true sense of place — even on a galactic scale. Who hasn't felt a shiver down their spine contemplating the creation, the vastness of the cosmos?

chalice and breadsm

Jesus, Marx, and Spiritual Economics

The Twelve Tribes were funky Christian Marxists who "worked like capitalists, but divided the money like communists." Although they had each taken a vow of poverty, they somehow managed to have "an abundance of everything."


Yeats, the Magical Visionary

William Butler Yeats was fascinated by the mystical and invisible dimensions of life and consciousness, much to the chagrin of his contemporaries, who thought he was a little off.

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