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Five Questions for … Explorer of the Afterlife Ptolemy Tompkins

New Age royalty Ptolemy Tompkins is the acclaimed writer of Paradise Fever, and other books on Mesoamerican spirituality, the mysticism of nature, and the question of extra-physical survival. In this interview, I ask him about the reality of heaven and hell, how to verify life after death, and the spiritual practice of underlining things in books.

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Plant Intelligence

The deep intelligence possessed by plants has been explored and discussed by many people of note over the past several centuries. Nevertheless, their research and findings have usually been dismissed.


Everyone Is Pregnant

Without a clue as
to where to go or what to do with my life, I took a dart and threw it at
a map. It landed on Park City, Utah. There I went, having never
traveled that far west before. I checked into a hotel. That's when
I experienced my first out-of-body experience.

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