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Empirical Experience in Religious Scholarship

Scriptures, no matter how deeply revered, have never fallen out of the skies and hit prophets on their heads; they have always been written by inspired human beings who personally experienced alternate states of awareness in various sociopolitical settings and expressed the revelations they encountered as best they could in speech or writing.

Consciousness and the End of the War between Science and Religion

Spirituality will converge with science when we know how
and why we think, and how we
came to be so rich in creativity. Being alive is inconceivable without being
conscious. "I think, there­fore I am" is fundamentally true, but Descartes'
maxim should be expanded to include feeling, intuition, a sense of self, and
our drive to understand who we are.

Our Double Nature

Overcoming duality is a critical step in achieving wholeness, but the mysteries of light and dark are complex and often elusive. The vision of Nature and the vision of Eros belong to the Affirmative Way. The vision of God belongs to the Negative Way.

Kindling Spirit: Everything is Filled with Spirit, Chapter 3

Everything in the
universe contains its own energy. Each
scientific discipline and religious group describes that energy in its own
words. It doesn't matter how we
define this energy — it matters that we acknowledge it exists. It can help us heal ourselves, and the planet.

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