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Fishers of Men: The Gospel of an Ayahuasca Vision Quest

I cupped my
hands over my ears and saw myself curled into the fetal position, disoriented
and trying to escape. But escape from what, exactly? Not the effects of the
ayahuasca or the visions, but something deeper, something residing at my core:
the malignant feeling of being insignificant and alone in a universe far too vast and viscious for me to make headway. 


2012: Tilt — Game Over or Game On?

good times were behind us and we did it to ourselves: no one was to blame. Even
if culprits to this chaos could be identified, they were dead. The bullets and
bunkers and bank holdings did not save them for long. These previous symbols of
wealth proved totally worthless and non-negotiable for the one thing they
couldn't buy from the hard-working, country-dwelling, "pagans": food.


Enter the Jaguar

The monumental ruins of Chavín de Huantar in the Peruvian Andes, are, officially, a mystery. The vast, ruined granite and sandstone site seems to have been neither a city nor a military structure, but a temple complex constructed for unknown ritual purposes by a culture which had vanished long before written sources appeared.


Eden: Trouble in Paradise

Could the fable of the Garden of Eden be at the root of the titanic problems facing our world? Looking for a "Galileo-type paradigm shift" that could rectify the mess we're in, I found it on my thirtieth birthday. But was I ready for my entire life to turn upside-down?

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Go Fish

David Lynch's book Catching the Big Fish addresses creativity, meditation, and the human condition.

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