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Mindapps and the Neurosingularity Project

Rather than just enhancing current human thinking skills, is the neurosingularity (the idea that future human brains will surpass ours of today) also likely to increase the kinds and number of our brain-based information systems? How might psychedelics contribute?

At Home In The Dark II

At Home in the Dark: Interview with Director Charles Shaw

This is a conversation with Director, Author and Activist Charles Shaw about his current project, “At Home in the Dark: a film about trauma and PTSD” which relates personal journeys towards healing as shared by individuals from New York, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, London, Madrid, Berlin, Copenhagen, and Ibiza.


Beyond Sustainability: The Power of Regeneration

If we could see the entire Earth as a garden—as a living but damaged paradise, worthy of love and admiration—we could then act as gardeners, working in collaboration with the soul of the world. In this role, we could creatively participate in the cultivation of all life, and help to restore nature’s beauty, fertility, and resilience where it has been lost.

A New Metaphysics of Medicine

Modern science is not always what it claims to be. It is increasingly faith-based, it is not conducive to freethinking, and medicine in particular is hampered by this troubling trend. The rise of science in the West as the arbiter of truth roughly parallels the decline of philosophy. The capacity to think deeply on subjects of great weight has been gradually replaced by an unreflective faith in the facts brought to us by science.


Preparing the Brain for Shamanic Ecstasy: A Talk with Alberto Villoldo

Shamanic ecstasy is a state of primeval consciousness, or awareness, that we have lost in the West because of our fragmented lifestyles, our disconnection from nature, and the poisoning of our bodies with pesticides and heavy metals. But sacred plants can repair the region of the brain responsible for new learning and for ecstasy. 

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